What's On

Discover the vibrant world of Pawfest, where wagging tails and smiling faces meet a delightful array of canine activities, entertainment, and adventures that will make your day pawsitively perfect!

  • Try Me Activities

    At Pawfest, we offer "Try Me" activities, a fantastic way to bond with your furry friend. From agility to obedience challenges, there's something for every dog, whether a pro or beginner. Join in the fun with your canine companion!

  • Dog Shows

    Pawfest features a diverse array of dog shows, from adorable puppies to pedigree and crossbreed contests. There's something for everyone, whether it's about looks, tricks or charming qualities!

  • Live Demonstrations

    Discover an array of thrilling live demonstrations at Pawfest! From agility showcases to Flyball and scent work, our live demonstrations offer excitement and learning in one.

  • Supersized Ball Pit

    Dive into the ultimate canine playground with our Supersized Dog Ball Pit! Watch your four-legged friend leap into a sea of colourful balls and have a ball (literally!). It's a dog's dream come true!

  • Muddy Trail Run

    Get ready for a wild and muddy adventure with our Muddy Trail Run! Let your furry friend loose on our specially designed course, complete with muddy puddles, obstacles, and tons of fun. It's a muddy good time for all at Pawfest!

  • Rainbow Remembrance Garden

    Visit our beautiful Rainbow Remembrance Garden, a serene space dedicated to honouring the memory of our beloved canine companions. A peaceful place to remember your furry friends who will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

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