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Discover the vibrant world of Pawfest, where wagging tails and smiling faces meet a delightful array of canine activities, entertainment, and adventures that will make your day pawsitively perfect!

  • Try Me Activities

    At Pawfest, we offer "Try Me" activities, a fantastic way to bond with your furry friend. From agility to obedience challenges, there's something for every dog, whether a pro or beginner. Plus for 2024 we have an exciting new activity to test your Pups natural instincts: Kent Barn Hunt! Join in the fun with your canine companion!

  • Fun Dog Show

    Pawfest features a diverse array of dog shows, from adorable puppies to pedigree and crossbreed contests. There's something for everyone, whether it's about looks, tricks or charming qualities!

  • Live Demonstrations

    Discover an array of thrilling live demonstrations at Pawfest! From agility showcases to Flyball and scent work. Plus for 2024 we have an exciting new demonstration from Pete Lewin Newfoundlands! Our live demonstrations offer excitement and learning, all in one.

  • Supersized Ball Pit

    Dive into the ultimate canine playground with our Supersized Dog Ball Pit! Watch your four-legged friend leap into a sea of colourful balls and have a ball (literally!). It's a dog's dream come true!

  • Boonies Outdoor Obstacle Course

    Get ready for a wild adventure with Boonies Outdoor Obstacle Course! Let your furry friend loose on our specially designed course, complete with hurdles, tunnels and tons of fun. It's a pawsitively good time for all at Pawfest!

  • Rainbow Remembrance Garden

    Visit our beautiful Rainbow Remembrance Garden, a serene space dedicated to honouring the memory of our beloved canine companions. A peaceful place to remember your furry friends who will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

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