What's On

Get ready to make a splash at the highly anticipated Pawfest Pool Party hosted by Ease in Motion! Join us for a day of poolside excitement for you and your furry friend!

  • Pool Swim

    Treat your furry friend to a five-minute swim session where they'll receive a thorough health check from our on-site vet before taking the plunge. After their swim, our team will give them a little dry off and each participant will receive a swim certificate to commemorate their aquatic adventure!

  • Hay Bale Racing

    Get ready to race with our hay bale challenge! Test your pup's agility and speed as they navigate through our hay bale obstacle course. It's a thrilling test of skill and determination, and the perfect way to bond with your furry companion!

  • Supersized Ball Pit

    Dive into the ultimate canine playground with our Supersized Dog Ball Pit! Watch your four-legged friend leap into a sea of colourful balls and have a ball (literally!). It's a dog's dream come true!

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