Pawfest Pool Party Terms & Conditions

When using the pool there is always a risk of drowning.The water contains chlorine, in safe levels, and tested prior to the pool party. Please rinse your dog down once at home.


If your animal has an infectious or contagious condition (including ear, eye or skin) then the animal cannot use the facilities. This is for the health and safety of all animals and humans.


All dogs need to have trimmed nails to prevent any rips in the pool liner. Any dogs that have sharp, long claws may be refused entry.


Late arrival for your session may mean your dog is not able to swim for the full session. Sessions will still be charged in full.


If your female dog comes into season, she will not be able to swim.


Please do not feed your animal for 2 hours prior to your session and 2 hours after.


Please leave adequate time on arrival to allow your dog to go to the toilet before the booked session. You are responsible for your own dog’s foul, please clear up after your dog and dispose of it accordingly. If the pool is fouled an additional fee of £50 will be charged due to the extra cleaning and possible pool closure.


Please take caution when arriving at the field, as the car park can be busy. Parking facilities are available for free. Please park in specified parking spaces and be respectful of other users in the car park. Use of the car park, the grounds and facilities are done so at your own risk.


Please always keep your dog on a collar and lead in and around the field including the car park. Keeping the dog under full control. This is for the health and safety of all customers.


All owners are responsible for cleaning up after their dog and disposing it in the designated bins.


We do ask you to not approach or touch any dog if they are not known to you as they may be fearful, reactive or aggressive. Please make sure you inform us beforehand of any dogs that are reactive towards humans or have a bite history.


All persons are not permitted inside the pool, on or near the scaffolding or ladders.


In the case that your dog does not want to swim, we will never use force or fear. If they refuse, then they will not swim. In this case, or any other case where the dog cannot be swum, no refunds are given. We reserve the right to refuse to swim any dog for any reason.


By booking a fun swim session you are confirming that your dog is fit, healthy and has vet approval to undertake such activity. All dogs must be fully vaccinated.


We cannot be held responsible for any loss or injury to any person, animal or vehicle, however caused, whilst on our premises.


We have the right to post any photos and videos on social media or our website.